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  • The machines are extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Loose screw or two, we haven't faced
  • The number of workout options is limitless.
  • It covers every-body part equally and helps maintain fitness.
  • The best part is, you get to work out and perform exercises
  • Another brilliant prospect of owning a Total Gym
  • They have distributors all around the world.
  • It is a home gym that the entire family could use.
  • It could be used by an 8 yr old as well as an 80 yr old person.
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.


  • It is pricey

Total Gym was founded by Tony Campanaro, a competitive bodybuilder who knew how necessary fitness was and hence he build what can now be considered as one of the most trustable brand.

Price:$ 600


Given below is a detailed Total Gym Review with Discount Coupon January  2022 which includes features, warranty, pricing, buying and returning policy, customer support information, pros, and cons. Read Here our Review.

Bottom Line Up Front | The whole equipment (the Total Gym Fit, not the other machines) is pretty compact, because it weighs in at around 65-66 pounds and has dimensions when kept open, read at– 93 x 18.5 x 44.5, while when folded it reads as  – 50.5 x 18.5 x 8.5 – occupying really less space compared to other similar home equipment. Total Gym Home Gyms are the best at-home fitness and gym equipment on the market. Choose Total Gym XLS or Total Gym FIT and get healthy with Total Gym! I highly recommended, Total Gym Direct check out now!!!

Total Gym Direct


The Total Gym Direct Review 2022 ( 50% Off Free Shipping)

the Total gym reviews discount coupon

What Is Total Gym Direct? 

Total Gym was founded by Tony Campanaro, a competitive bodybuilder who knew how necessary fitness was and hence he build what can now be considered as one of the most

sought after in the fitness industry – an in-home gym. That is to say, Total Gym is a gymming equipment which provides for a full-body workout from within the comforts of your home.


It helps to build your body, maintain a lean and fit structure and promote staying fit and healthy. It is said to deliver a total of 85+ exercises, which covers every part of your body

– ranging from core and strength training to stretch to cardiovascular workout as well as circuit workout, thereby providing a total gym package without having to leave home.

Total Gym review

What’s more exciting is the fact that their official website claims that celebrated Hollywood actor Chuck Norris who is known to have an extremely good physique swears by it and has

been using it for years at home. It has also been advertised by the likes of Christie Brinkley and Wesley Snipes.

Total Gym coupon codes

This detailed review by us will help you understand whether working out using Total Gym exercises can be considered a boon or bane.

Why Use Total Gym?

Honestly, while reviewing Total Gym we were in a dilemma. While it is no doubt quite highly-priced (when compared with those of its contemporaries), it has certain features which kind of makes its high price justified.

The whole equipment (the Total Gym Fit, not the other machines) is pretty compact, because it weighs in at around 65-66 pounds and has dimensions when kept open, read at

It turns out that this design offers a number of advantages. To begin with, without weight stacks, the Total Gym becomes extremely light and portable. It also implies that there will be no pauses between workouts to shift the weight.

I’ll return to this notion later because it’s one of the most significant advantages of Total Gyms, but simply it means you can get a full-body exercise in less time while burning more calories.

Returning to the Total Gym’s operation. As a result, there are no weights involved. But where does the opposition originate from? Your body mass index!

– 93 x 18.5 x 44.5, while when folded it reads as  – 50.5 x 18.5 x 8.5 – occupying really less space compared to other similar home equipment.


Not just that, the Total Gym is pretty well equipped and sturdy, providing comfort in the joints when working out.

If all this is slowly beginning to convince you, the features as well as pros and cons, and a Total Gym discount code might just help to make your decision a little easy. Read on as we cover every aspect of the Total Gym in detail.

Key Features: Total Gym Direct Review

 To start off with, let us look at the various features provided by Total Gym when one uses the Total Gym exercises.

Total Gym shopping products

  • Total Gym has around 5 different types of machines based on your requirements. They are – Total Gym Fit, Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym 2000 and Total Gym GTS. Each of these machines has something specific and different based on the user’s needs, body weight and requirements. An in-depth look into the features of each is given below.

Total Gym equipment coupons

  • Total Gym Fit – The Total Gym Fit has a 2-piece winged attachment, has an upgraded steel frame, can hold a total weight of up to 450 pounds, has good quality flexible nylon handle straps, and an upgraded squat stand. It has a total of 12 calibrated resistance levels and provides for an automatic lock height adjustment. The machine arrives fully assembled.An ab crunch attachment, a two-piece wing add-on, a leg pulley, and an updated squat stand are all included as standard. Wear one of the top fitness trackers to monitor your workout and see how hard you’re working out.Other bonuses include two ankle cuffs for comfort, a dietary guide, a wall chat for recording progress, and a library of training DVDs to help you follow basic instructions and stay inspired.The Total Gym FIT’s folding nature is also worth highlighting since it’s a significant lure for individuals who want to save room – no shifting heavyweights to put this machine away. We particularly like the fact that it comes with a set of DVDs to assist you to get the most out of your new home weight training equipment.Total Gym promo codes
    The machine weighs in at 96 pounds. Its dimensions when unfolded read as – 18.5” W x 93” L x 44.5” H. When folded, the dimensions of the machine read as – 18.5” W x 50.5” L x 8.5” H.


  • Total Gym Supreme – The Total Gym Supreme has good quality flexible nylon straps similar to the Total Gym Fit. However, it can hold a total weight of around 275 pounds only. The machine weighs around 79 pounds. Like the Total Gym XLS and The Total Gym Fit, this too comes fully assembled. Its dimensions when unfolded read as – 15.5″W x 93″L x 43.25″H. When folded, the dimensions of the machine reads as – 15.5″W x 50.5″L x 8″H.
  • Total Gym XLS – The Total Gym XLS provides for over 80 plus exercises and similar to the previous two, it also has good quality flexible nylon handle straps. It has a total of 6 calibrated resistance levels. Similar to the Total Gym Fit, it too can hold up to a capacity of 400 pounds and has a separate ribbed squat stand.Total Gym XLS review
    The machine weighs around 87 pounds and when the AB Crunch is added along with it, the total weight accumulates at 92 pounds. Like the Total Gym Fit, this machine comes fully assembled. Its dimensions when unfolded read as – 19″W x 90″L x 43″H. When folded, the dimensions of the machine read as – 19″W x 51″L x 9″H.
  • Total Gym GTS – The Total Gym GTS provides for a total of more than 200+ exercises. Other than that, it also has a hydraulic rail rift, a glide board which can easily be adjusted according to one’s comfort and multiple center-pulley attachments. It also has a total of 22 calibrated resistance levels.

  • coupons for Total Gym
    This is the heaviest of all the other machines, weighing in at 255 pounds. It can take up to a weight of 650 pounds. Its dimensions when unfolded read as – 38″W x 107″ L x 69″H. When folded, the dimensions of the machine read as – 38″H x 20″W x 56″H.
  • Total Gym 2000 – The Total Gym 2000 has around 6 calibrated resistance levels, can take up to a total weight of 300 pounds and can help do a total of 40 exercises.

 What makes their features even more exciting is their 30-day trial offer. According to this offer, you can try any of the Total Gym home equipment for a span of 30 days – a

process that can be availed upon an initial payment as a trial amount, depending upon the model and offer available.


Buy, Ship, Delivery And Return 

Like every other product, Total Gym has its own way of dealing with buyers. A list of ways to buy, get the product shipped and delivered as well as a possible return is given below.

  • To order a Total Gym product, you can either do it directly from their official website or through a call to their representatives via – 1-877-TOTAL-GYM (868-2549)
  • Buying from the Total Gym Direct website ensures free ground shipping (which excludes AK, HI, and orders of the Total Gym GTS) for all Total Gym Home Gym equipment. Other than that, all other items have a shipping cost which is based on the price of your order and the amount you are being billed for.
  • They usually ship and deliver the product within 3-5 business days (except for the Total Gym GTS which takes longer – up to 2-3 weeks). However, there is an exception to the time taken to deliver the product depending upon the product availability and desired location.


  • If you do decide to send back the Total Gym Home Gym within the 30-day time frame, you will have to pay for the return shipping. However, when buying, shipping is not charged by them.
  • Every Total Gym Home Gym has a manufacturer’s warranty attached to the product. Certain products also cover an additional manufacturer’s warranty on moving parts.
  • The best part is, you can follow every account detail and information in their ‘My Account page’ by setting up an online profile, through their official site.

An interesting proposition is that if you pay the full amount at once then the 30-day money-back guarantee is extended.

Total Gym Products (Pros and Cons)


  • According to the official website, men and women, irrespective of age, height, fitness level, and body type can use the Total Gym exercises.
  • The machines are extremely durable and long-lasting. We have been using the product for around 8-9 years now and other than the occasional squeaking from a loose screw or two, we haven’t faced much of an issue.
  • The number of workout options is limitless. It covers every-body part equally and helps maintain fitness.
  • The gym is extremely convenient to use and the best part is, you get to work out and perform exercises that you would otherwise have to visit a gym for.
  • Another brilliant prospect of owning a Total Gym is that they have distributors all around the world.

 Let us look at each of the individual machines and see their pros and cons exclusively.

Total gym discounts

Total Gym FIT

  • Has a 12 glided board setting
  • Supports a total of 85 exercises.
  • It comes with a set of six DVDs on various exercises, specially curated when using Total Gym exercises.

coupon codes for total Gym

Total Gym Supreme

  • Supports a total of 60+ exercises.
  • For those looking for a budget home gym, this is the one to opt for.
  • Has a squat stand.
  • The machine can easily be folded.

Total Gym XLS

  • Supports a total of 80+ exercises.
  • It is suitable for people of different height ranges.
  • It can take up to a total of 400 pounds.
  • Like the Total Gym Fit, this too comes with a set of six exclusive DVDs.


Total Gym GTS

  • The Total Gym GTS comes with a lifetime frame warranty, has a warranty of 90 days on parts and a one-year parts warranty.
  • Supports a total of more than 200+ exercises.
  • The Total Gym GTS is similar to a commercial gym.
  • The machine supports 22 different settings which are regulated by different body weight percentages.
  • It has a high-quality glide board.
  • The machine has a total of six attachment pulley points.
  • Apt for people willing to do pilates and is extremely flexible.
  • The machine is easily foldable, making it compact and suitable to use at home.

The cons of the Total Gym machines are –

  • The machines might seem a little intimidating at first, especially if you aren’t used to working out regularly.
  • The machines are a little on the expensive side.
  • The shipping and handling charges of the parts can be a little expensive.

Although the list of pros may seem endless, there are quite a few cons of the individual machines as well. Let us take a look at every machine’s individual cons.

Total Gym customer reviews

Total Gym Fit

  • The parts only have a two-year warranty after which Total Gym takes no responsibility whatsoever.
  • The machine looks a little complicated at first glance but slowly begins to make sense, after a little use.

Total Gym Supreme

  • The Total Gym Supreme is not exactly ideal for tall people. People with short and average height are eligible to use it.

Total Gym XLS

  • Total Gym provides only six months of warranty for the machines various parts, which is quite less than those of its contemporaries.


Total Gym GTS

  • It takes longer than the other machines to get delivered. Whereas the other machines are usually delivered within 3 to 5 business days, the Total Gym GTS takes 2 to 4 weeks to get delivered.
  • This is the costliest of all the other machines.
  • Certain parts of the machine have limited warranty.

As you can clearly see, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin, suggesting that this is definitely the fitness machine you would want in your house if you are looking to get lean

and fit. Price is definitely a major factor but the easy payment plans help you take care of this problem with the utmost ease.

Best Buying Guide: Total Gym Home Gyms

Total Gyms are an excellent option for those who need to get in a quick workout but don’t have much time. There are numerous fantastic advantages to owning a total gym, which is why they have been one of the most popular products on the market. The Total Gym series has not changed.

In contrast to clumsy barbells and dumbbells, the above machines provide smooth resistance via cables and a sliding bench. Between exercises, there are no weights to remove. When working out with free weights, you’ll usually have to take the weight off and put it back between workouts and sets. The Total Gym does not have this problem.

The machine’s design is straightforward. They have an L-shaped frame and an inclined bench to ride on while and use a cable system to pull oneself up, down, or even across.

Users can perform lunges, chest flyes, and even calf raises in this manner, as well as a variety of core muscles. There are additional attachments to work on various areas, including cardio work. Optional accessories include a press-up bar, a dip bar, a roller, a CycloTrainer, and a Circuit training kit.

Total Gyms are an excellent alternative for folks who need to engage in a quick exercise but don’t have much time. There are several amazing advantages to owning a whole gym, which is why they have become one of the most popular solutions on the market.

The underlying premise behind the Total Gym series has remained the same from its inception in 1974, with a shift into physical therapy units throughout the world by the late 1980s. In contrast to clumsy barbells and dumbbells, these devices provide seamless resistance through cables and a sliding bench.

When used correctly, they may target any muscle in the body with 60 to 200 distinct workouts, depending on the model.

Pricing: Total Gym Direct Review

Total Gym equipments

The pricing of every machine from Total Gym is different and all the prices can be decreased with the help of a Total gym discount code or with Total Gym coupons.

 The interesting thing about the prices of the machines is that they keep changing every day and a special offer is given, according to their official website.

From that special offer too, you can avail a 10% to 30% discount with the use of Total Gym discount codes which can be arranged for by talking to their representatives through their official website.

The prices of the machines as of this day, are given below –

Total Gym FIT $1,399.95 (discounted from $2,344.90)
Total Gym XLS $899.55 (discounted from $1,999.)
Total Gym GTS $3,795 (discounted from $4,666.)
Total Gym Supreme $529


What’s more, is that you can avail of various payment plans that are sure to help if you are unwilling to make the payment at one go.

Customer Support

 If you have any doubts or problems with regard to the machines, you could always get in touch with their prompt customer care support.

They usually take a maximum of two business days to get back. You can contact them directly through their website by leaving a message through the ‘Contact Us’ section or you can give them a call.

 Alternatives to Total Gym

1. TRX Suspension Trainer:

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a one-of-a-kind system that provides a comprehensive exercise in less than twenty minutes. It applies to all ability levels, from beginners to upgraders.

This home training equipment is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for use when moving.

Additionally, it is simple to mount in your house due to its weight. This product includes a series of total-body activities that range from endurance to power and aerobic exercises.

TRX Suspension Training is very affordable, which cannot be said with most workout facilities. You get to choose from a range of full-body exercises at a low price.

This exercise equipment provides strenuous exercises due to the need for suspension conditioning.

2. Aeropilates Reformer Plus 379:

AeroPilates Plus 379 reformer is a less expensive option to Total Gym home facilities. It is one of the most widely used and well-known reformers.

This rig is designed for intense Pilates workouts at home. It is capable of doing a variety of activities. Due to the integrated wheels, this equipment is highly compact.

As a result, it can be quickly transferred from one location to another.

Although this device is designed for intense Pilates workouts, the rounded top and cushioned foot bar can conduct various other fitness activities.

The Aeropilates Reformer Plus 379 features four resistance cords of varying standards.

Straps on this reformer can be more challenging to adapt, which will cause you difficulty.

It does not have a foot brace. Its ground clearance is minimal.

3. Bayou Fitness Total Trainer:

The Bayou Fitness bodyweight trainer is a durable piece of at-home workout equipment that uses your body weight to provide strength without the need for comparatively bulky body weights.

It enables you to change the percentage of body weight carried by the user through the up and down inclines.

The Bayou Fitness Total trainer features a substantial steel structure that provides the ideal platform for an extreme body workout.

When combined with its expansive and convenient glide board, you get great value.

The Bayou Fitness complete trainer has a 400-pound weight range, which is greater than the capacity of its competitor.

Additionally, you should add plate weights to increase the strength.

This piece of equipment has many add-ons that can help you form your home workouts.

As a result, it has a curl press bar, a push-up bar, and a heavy-duty squat board.

4. Weider Ultimate Body Works:

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a substantial home gym device that combines calisthenics, a cable pulley system, and resistance cables to have an all-around workout.

It features an incline adjustment and a back brace. The Weider Ultimate Body Works has a moderate degree of resistance due to the steeper inclines that improve total weight resistance.

Additionally, it features four times the resistance straps, which raise the weight resistance by fifty pounds.

This at-home training equipment is simple to mount, saving you time and money for your workout expeditions.

This package features a range of incline settings to accommodate users of varying power and fitness levels.

This device features a highly flexible cable movement that facilitates the stretching of various muscle groups.

5. Vigorfit:

Another excellent solution is the Vigorfit, an all-in-one gym machine capable of doing up to 107 workouts.

It includes a free push-up wall, a free pull-up bar, a free sit-up station, a free toe bar, a free squat board, a Pilates pack, strength resistance bands, and a workout manual.

Vigorfit possesses a substantial degree of tolerance. Without the control bands, this unit has a resistance norm range of up to 15.

Total Gym Direct

However, a resistance level of 75 is obtained by combining the five power resistance bands.

Vigorfit home workout equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee for both pieces.

It is an excellent bargain over any other home gym equipment, which only comes with a lifetime frame warranty.

Total Gym Direct Real Customer Review & Testimonials


I ordered a set of dumbbells and when the order arrived, there was a dumbbell missing. Gym direct were excellent in their response. They simply sent out the missing dumbbell to me without question. Mistakes happen and I believe that the mark of a company is how they treat their customers after the sale is made and these guys were great!

Conclusion: Total Gym Direct Discount Coupon 2022

Honestly, before reviewing the Total Gym machines we had never thought of working out from the comforts of our homes could be this rewarding.

The idea of having a complete gym at home where you can work on every part of your body at any time you want sounds like a deal we wouldn’t want to lose.

Yes, the price is a bit high no doubt and that did keep us in two minds while opting for the Total Gym but then again we feel the prices seem justified, to an extent.

Especially with all the unlimited warranty that they are providing for the various parts. Also, if the price seems a little too extravagant, you could always wait out a little for a day or two

to see the price reduction and then opt to buy it. That way it’s a win-win for both your wallet and your fitness mantra.

The only thing we wish they would’ve been a little lenient with is the trial period and the return policy.

We think 30 days maybe a little less to actually get hold of whether the machine is working for us and the fact that we have to spend while return shipping doesn’t really go down well with us.

Other than that if we had to talk of the machines they are pretty compact and sturdy,

covering umpteen different exercises, looking after every individual core part and helping strengthen it, so there isn’t much we can actually complain about.

Yes, it has quite a few equally reliable contemporaries out in the business but then we would say this is one of the best out there. 

How to Fit In Your Fitness

Make an exercise plan. Create a plan. Schedule time like you would any other meeting or appointment. Don’t cancel now. Be an early bird. Get up, go outside, and get that thing out of the way! At the end of the day, you can’t make excuses if you’ve already completed the assignment.

Make it a family affair. What about beach activities? Hike with the kids? Baseball in your own backyard? Collaborate with your children, partner, or roommate to finish the challenge! Include it in your usual routine.

Take advantage of your tight schedule. Park at the far end of the parking lot. When feasible, use the stairs. Take the conference call while you’re out on a walk. Separate it.

Maintain the cleanliness of your Total Gym Equipment.

You keep your Total Gym equipment running effectively, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Here are a few pointers from your Total Access specialists!

Daily Basis

1. After each usage, wipe off all cushioned surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner.

2. Roll the glideboard up and down the rails to check smooth operation. If your glideboard isn’t rolling smoothly, properly clean the rails and wheels.

Weekly Basis

1. Examine all cables for signs of wear or damage. Repair any damaged wires.

2. Use a non-corrosive cleaner to clean the rails.

3. For cosmetic purposes, clean all surface surfaces.

4. Inspect any screws, fasteners, and knobs to verify they are properly placed and tightened.

5. When shifting levels, look for simplicity of usage. Please report any difficulties with changing levels.

6. Inspect all pulleys for smooth functioning, both visually and functionally. As needed, clean.

7. Inspect all pads, fabric, and foam for wear and replace as necessary.

Monthly Basis

1. Remove the glideboard to check the wheels visually. Remove any debris that has collected on the wheel assembly.

2. Examine the rubber stoppers.

3. Examine the glideboard visually for tears or punctures.

4. Inspect any extraneous attachments for appropriate function and wear.

5. Replace any worn or damaged parts. Contact Customer Service in the United States at 858-586-6080, or the authorised distributor in your country.

Quit Drinking Sweetened Beverages Soda, sweet teas, and other sweetened beverages are high in calories and can trigger blood sugar fluctuations, which deplete your energy and leave you needing more. Make a pledge to drink just water, unsweetened tea, and other low- or no-calorie liquids.

Reduce Late-Night Snacking

Mindless munching in front of the TV or computer can lead to significant weight gain over time, especially since late-night appetites tend to be sweet, salty, and starchy. Reduce the number of ready-to-eat snacks in your cabinets by staying active during commercial breaks, replacing snacks with water, and minimising the quantity of ready-to-eat meals in you cupboards.

Reduce Your Consumption of Junk Food

Make it your mission to spend less money on unhealthy snacks and boxed meals if you’re a junk food junkie wanting to change your ways. Set a budget for junk food and stick to it. After a few instances of spending all of your snack money in week one, you’ll learn to spread your treats out over the course of the month.

More Savings

Create an Emergency Fund Building an emergency fund that can cover at least three months of costs in the case of job loss is a solid savings goal. An emergency fund can also be used to cover unforeseen expenses such as auto repairs or medical costs without jeopardising your budget.

Reduce your impulsive purchases

If you’re an impulsive shopper or a pleasure spender, set a goal to spend less on items like coffee, takeaway lunches, and drinks. You don’t have to eliminate these items entirely; instead, evaluate how much you’re presently spending and commit to decreasing it by a sensible amount.

Get a Second Job If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, make a commitment to take on a second job. Even 10 hours a week can make a difference, and with the correct employment, it won’t seem like work at all. Consider low-stress jobs such as dog-walking, teaching a fitness class, or even selling at a farmer’s market for a local producer.

Bridging the Gap Between Selectorized and Functional Cages

In a market where gyms have been battling for the attention of 41 million American health club members since 2008, every gym owner must understand how to recruit new members. Why do people go to the gym rather than working out at home, and how do you keep customers once they walk through the gym doors?

The availability of workout equipment is the major reason individuals leave the comfort of their own homes. Another factor is that life at home is lonely. The gym provides a social environment that aids with motivation. Because all gym franchises include training equipment, ranging from free weights to machines, effective marketing is very vital in attracting new clients.

It also helps to be informed of industry trends. For example, the age demography for gym members has switched from 18-34-year-olds to youngsters (owing to the juvenile obesity crisis) and those over 50. (the Baby Boomer generation). The ideal gym should welcome people of all ages to exercise within their ability in a secure, enjoyable environment.

Get in on the action with a marketing strategy

Chris Stevenson, the proprietor of Stevenson Fitness, faculty member of the California Health and Longevity Institute, and founder of Stay Strong Consulting, seeks for equipment that is very simple to use and that members can use on their own. He examines the advantages and disadvantages of a piece of equipment. Is there any social interaction? Is it made up of body weight, weight plates, or weight stacks?

It’s critical to engage your members while wondering, ‘How can this enhance my revenue?'” Small group training has grown into an ideal solution for leveraging personal trainer staff while offering client satisfaction. Trainers can even assist develop client loyalty to certain products.

Stevenson, as a fitness provider, feels it is equally critical to give knowledge and inspiration. And social engagement with both gym personnel and other gym users is essential for motivation. “It’s critical to establish a friendly environment where members feel like they’re part of a gym family and may bring their families.”

Elevate the gym experience

The Total Gym Elevate Circuit is the first series of functional bodyweight resistance single-station equipment, aimed for both group and individual training in the functional fitness movement. Each item is simple in design, easy to use, and offers training for all fitness levels. The Core ADJ, Pull-up, Press, Jump, and Row ADJ are six parts that may be used separately or in a circuit to do over 80 workouts ranging from simple to hard.

Why choose circuits for strength training

Circuit training has evolved from 30-minute light-weight, high-rep sets to 4-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT), such as Tabata. Because of the need for speed and convenience of changing weights between users, the most basic circuits employ selectorized equipment.

Because it targets novice and intermediate gym-goers, selectorized equipment with weight stacks has traditionally been marketed as a “wonderful method to undertake circuit training.

” The load is managed, and the body is ergonomically positioned. For individuals who have exhausted the weight restrictions on the selectorized weight stack, plate-loaded machines are the next step up in resistance training. Workouts are typically.

Total Gym solves this duality by mixing full-body action into every Elevate Circuit equipment, with resistance provided by body weight, gravity, and (at times) bungee-type bands. The Jump, in particular, offers low and high impact, highly effective plyometric activity that is accessible to anyone.

Plyometric workouts may also be done by employing an explosive pushing motion on the Press, a powerful pulling action on the Pull Up, and an explosive leaping action on the Jump. By releasing the hand grips as they go up and down the rails, the user achieves an aerial sensation. The body remains securely fastened on the glideboard, with no risk of falling or landing too forcefully. most crucially, by ourselves

Total Gym overcomes this dichotomy by incorporating full-body movement into all Elevate Circuit equipment, with resistance given by body weight, gravity, and (at times) bungee-style bands. The Jump, in particular, provides low and high impact, extremely effective plyometric workout that everyone can do.

Plyometric exercises may also be performed by using an explosive pushing motion on the Press, a forceful pulling movement on the Pull Up, and an explosive leaping action on the Jump. The user creates an airborne experience by releasing the hand grips as they go up and down the rails. The body is firmly secured to the glideboard, and there is no danger of falling or landing too hard. most importantly.

Kicking it up a notch

Total Gym bridges the gap between inexperienced equipment users and advanced athletes who like circuit training. In fact, the Elevate line saves money on equipment while maximising space, and it provides for more income by allowing for small group training with personal trainers. This bodyweight circuit is suitable for all fitness levels. As such, it should be labelled as a transitional circuit.

Total Gym Workouts are ideal for children and teenagers

At my studio, Fitness Republic in Vero Beach, FL, I am the type of person that is constantly planning new exercises, combinations, music, and so much more. My 13-year-old daughter informed me she had to run a mile for gym class in the beginning of February. The state benchmark for a 13-year-old girl running a mile in Florida is 8:13, which is a really excellent speed for many individuals. My kid received a “C” on her gym report card. I was taken aback, given how much exercise dominates my life on a daily basis. I inquired as to what had occurred, and she informed me of the mile requirement. I inquired as to her time. “18 minutes,” she said.

“Please excuse me?” “Not on my watch,” I responded. “Get your sneakers on RIGHT NOW!”

We started walking. I promised her that we were not going to stop jogging that mile until we were finished. We finished in 13 minutes… Not decent for a first effort at advancement. I assured her that this was only the beginning, and when we ran our first mile together, I asked her what her instructor did to assist condition her students.

“Nothing,” she said, disappointed. He just informs us that he can run a mile in 6 minutes and that we must work harder. Have instructors lost their enthusiasm?

“Because we’re flipping this.” I stated.

They came to me twice a week for strength training for the following six weeks. I had them perform two Total Gym GTS sessions every week. They adored it. My objective was to engage and strengthen their quick twitch muscles.

Here’s what we did:

  • Plyo Leg Squats with Alternating Legs
  • Plyo Pull-ups
  • Plyo Shoulder Presses to activate their large muscles.
  • Then they’ll do Cardio Pull to get their tickers going.
  • Equilibrium under Static Conditions Static Equilibrium Rows, Chest Press
  • Pull-downs in the upright position.
  • Leg Cables completed the exercise.

Work out with your children. That’s great news for both of you and them!

We began softly, with fewer exercises and less time, and gradually increased to a 45-minute workout. Their inclination levels gradually increased over the course of six weeks. Their stamina and muscular development significantly increased, as did their flexibility and range of motion.

And the greatest thing was that we were having FUN in the process, and everyone was having a great time. Isn’t this what it’s all about? Making progress while having a good time. That may not be the case for their gym instructor, but it surely is for a father.

We ran four days a week in addition to the GTS sessions. And when it came time to run the race, she finished in… wait for it… 8:02! Fantastic! She spilled it all over the track. The gym teacher gave a fleeting grin and a timid “good work,” recognising that the young lady had just cut her time in half and he had nothing to do with it!

She finished fourth out of 22 youngsters and was the first female in her class to cross the finish line. She couldn’t thank me enough for assisting her, but as any parent knows, we would go to any length to assist our children.

With the appropriate drive, you can do so much. We can assure success by simply putting the right people in the right positions. It’s Dad for her, and it’s knowing I have access to a terrific piece of training equipment for me. GTS.

Even that the race is ended, my daughter and her friends continue to practise on the GTS with me since they love it so much! You can’t beat spending quality time with your children while also getting them in shape!

Why Aren’t Your Clients Losing Weight?

Are your clients in a bind? Have you ever had a customer tell you that no matter what they do, they simply can’t seem to lose weight? They are following the same dietary guidelines as your other customer. You train them in the same manner, but they don’t appear to be shifting enough.

In addition to battling with fat reduction, some people report a lack of energy and a general lack of well-being. As a trainer, you are perplexed and upset because you see how hard they work. You have the impression that they are eating properly and are being truthful, but you can see for yourself that the weight is not moving and that there is no change in body composition.

I understand since I’ve been there. I used to shake my head in disbelief before learning naturopathy, convinced that my suffering clients were not being true to themselves and were merely hidden eaters. I’ve learned my lesson and would want to share it along with you.

First, a personal anecdote. Years ago, when I competed in natural (drug-free) bodybuilding competitions, I seemed to struggle more than a few of my colleagues with shedding those last few pounds (especially around the belly). I was eating a standard bodybuilding diet, which included a lot of lean protein, no fruit or processed sweets, some low glycemic veggies, carbohydrates, and excellent fats.

The point I want to make about this sort of “diet” is that I ate little meals throughout the day. I must admit that I looked terrific, but I wasn’t feeling well much of the time. For the first time in my life, I was constipated.

This period of ups and downs with my stomach, along with the abrupt loss of my mother, prompted me to seek out a naturopath for personal growth and understanding. I was so inspired by what I learned about our amazing bodies that I decided to return to school and become a naturopathy practitioner.

The point I want to make about this sort of “diet” is that I ate little meals throughout the day. I must admit that I looked terrific, but I wasn’t feeling well much of the time. For the first time in my life, I was constipated. This period of ups and downs with my stomach, along with the abrupt loss of my mother, prompted me to seek out a naturopath for personal growth and understanding.

I was so inspired by what I learnt about our amazing bodies that I decided to return to school and become a naturopathy practitioner.

Contrary to common opinion, we are NOT what we consume. We are what we DIGEST, and we may even go so far as to say that we are what we consume… eats.

Digestion is the process through which protein, carbs, and lipids are converted into amino acids, glucose, and fatty acids, respectively. Because cells are tiny, they cannot absorb large structures; instead, they can only absorb the components contained inside these transformed structures. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are not released into the bloodstream until protein, carbs, and lipids are broken down.

Recognizing Digestion

For the sake of this blog, I’m going to concentrate just on protein digestion… why? Because everyone is too obsessed with protein, and far too many trainers promote protein to their clients, most individuals have difficulty digesting protein, and here’s why.

The stomach is where protein is broken down into amino acids. Once the meal comes, the stomach has two jobs to complete. First, it functions as a blender. The stomach’s strong muscles crush and release the meal into what we term “chyme.” Consider it an internal smoothie. Because this function occurs solely in the stomach, the presence of undigested food in your stool shows that the stomach walls are weak.

The stomach’s second purpose is to create hydrochloric acid (HCL), peptides, and intrinsic factors. To break down a protein, stomach cells must make HCL, and here is where many individuals struggle. Many people don’t create high-quality HCL, which makes protein digestion challenging.

When food reaches the stomach, the body begins to generate gastrin (a hormone that stimulates production of HCL). As gastrin enters the circulation, it triggers the production of HCL and other gastric secretions required to convert protein to amino acids.

The chyme subsequently exits the stomach and enters the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine.

The digestive fluids required to make the chyme alkaline are produced by the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Bile (an alkaline mineral required to alkalinize the chyme) is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Bile gets increasingly concentrated in the gallbladder when it sits there for an extended period of time.

Because individuals eat much too much acidic (cooked) food, most livers never have a chance to concentrate their bile. And, because we eat every three to four hours, the liver does not have enough time to absorb what it has already received. This is harmful to the liver.

In addition, I’d like to point out that the liver requires minerals such as sulphur, salt, and chloride in order to produce “high quality bile,” yet most diets are deficient in these nutrients.

We get digestive issues when our diet is low in nutrients.

Digestion should be effortless. As a naturopath, we do not see this in the majority of individuals nowadays. Instead, we notice gas, bloating, constipation, digestive problems, intolerances, and other symptoms. I have a lot more to say on the digestive process.

It is a lengthy process, but for the sake of this article, I’d want to focus on a few issues that may be impeding your customers’ growth and seeing benefits from their programmes.

When digestion, the first foundation of health, is weakened, absorption suffers, and cells become inactive. This suggests they aren’t getting enough nutrition to accomplish their job. If the thyroid gland lacks nourishment, it will be unable to function effectively.

The thyroid gland’s role is to produce a hormone called thyroxin, which controls body temperature and the rate at which the body consumes calories. Some individuals term this metabolism and blame it on their sluggish metabolism when, in truth, it is due to poor digestion and a lack of nutrients. All of these interconnected concerns will result in no weight reduction.

What Do You Do Now That You Know?

If you observe a client blocked in their progress, the first thing you can do as a trainer is ask them a few questions about how they feel after eating. They might not be considering it. I frequently find individuals who are so used to how they feel that they are oblivious to the fact that it isn’t appropriate.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask:

  • Do you get the impression that your meal is merely sitting in your stomach?
  • Do you ever get the sensation of being bloated?
  • Do you get fatigued easily?
  • Do you have a burp?
  • How’s your elimination going?
  • Do you notice any uneaten food?
  • Is the consistency of your stools too loose or too firm?

All of these symptoms indicate a problem with digestion.

Referring your customers to a qualified naturopath may be the greatest approach to help them out of a rut if they are stuck!

Strength Training at the Total Gym for People Over 40

As a person beyond the age of 40, I can say from personal experience that ALL of those categories are vital, not just one or two. This is why:

After the age of 40, the body loses muscle mass at a rate of 1% per year, highlighting the need of developing and implementing an overall strength training programme to support the kinetic chain and keep muscle on a person’s frame.

Why Strength Training Is Beneficial

Feeling physically powerful carries over into all aspects of life. Endorphins produced after exercise can improve self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being. When compared to someone who does not strength train, performing daily duties gets simpler and requires less energy.

Exercises for Total Body Strength at the Gym

As a basis for the strength training on a Total Gym machine, I will concentrate on seven basic exercises. Plank, hinge, pull, push, rotate, squat, and lunge are among them. Plank and hinge are not distinct exercises, but rather the basis for the program’s primary strength routines. T

he plank is the foundation for all motions. Hinge – the capacity to flex and extend at the spine is critical for safe and efficient movement as well as injury prevention.

Reps & sets – all exercises – 3 sets of 5/6/8 reps in a reverse pyramid configuration. For each subsequent set, reduce the weight by 10%.

Squat – This posture provides both partial weight bearing closed chain workouts and dynamic cable exercises for both upper and lower body muscle groups. With closed kinetic chain plyometric activities, the inclination plane provides appropriate intensity levels to develop power in the lower extremities.

Pull-ups – LAT bars are utilised to give partial weight bearing workouts for the back, shoulders, and arms. This enables any client to execute pull-ups. The reduced intensity is also great for improving upper-body power through plyometric training variants.

Chest Press – This exercise trains and conditions the anterior shoulders, chest, and arms. Because the upper body is erect and unsupported, trunk stability is incorporated into the movements.

Inverted Shoulder Press – This pose strengthens and conditions the shoulders, arms, and trunk. The degree of inclination in the inverted body posture will have an inverse effect on the strength and stability components of the plank and push up workouts. A lower slope focuses on proximal stability, whereas a greater gradient focuses on upper body strength.

External weighted lunges (med ball, dumbbells, kettle bells). This posture tests the complete body’s functional stability and balance while also strengthening and training the lower body.

Knowing your clients’ requirements and desires is critical to assisting them in reaching their fitness objectives. Maintaining the original objective and purpose of a training programme will help to preserve a client/trainer connection and give benefits for the client

Keeping that viewpoint in mind when working with the 40+ age range is the greatest approach to be an efficient and trustworthy fitness practitioner.

REAL RESULTS – Total Gym Testimonials

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Della Vaughn

Della Vaughn writes books about fitness, drugs, and health related tips. Her books have received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Booklist. Before she started writing Topic related to CBD Oils, Drugs, Fitness Tips Della got a graduated from Medical College Of UC Berkeley. She was a Medical Professor and along with that she is also a part-time writer.

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  62. This Total Gym Direct rockin’ machine is all you need to get fast, noticeable results. With the adjustable pulleys and cable system, give your body everything it needs for explosive workouts or light-weight ones, no matter what’s on your schedule. The Ultimate Body Worksheet will help show you how to do movements properly; Rockport University has their weight training for seniors segment on this video series too!

  63. I started noticing a difference almost right away with the Total Gym. The Total Gym has helped me so much because it’s so easy to use – I can do a hard workout or easy workout, an on-the-go work out. It works into my day!

  64. What if you could get full body workout and only require a small space? This is what Total Gym Direct can offer. From an easy to use work out for those who don’t have the time, to the best home exercise equipment that can be used by just about anyone. Reviewers love saying that it works into their day better than other gym memberships, and they never knew how much easier it would be with this product. Get total body fitness without having to go outside of your own house. Are workouts not enough for you anymore? Is your schedule too hectic and demanding and limits your time at the gym or even outdoors altogether? Take advantage of Total Gyms newest release, Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  65. I saw a difference in my body almost right away with the Total Gym. My workouts have become easier and more productive, which means I’m happier with less time spent working out. With so many workout options at your fingertips–from easy to hard–you’ll find a tasty dish tasty for you!

  66. Total Gym Direct is the most versatile of all equipment. It maintains your focus and helps you express yourself, whether it’s during a high intensity workout or just thinking. The Total Gym can be anything that you need at any given time – whether that means showing off your strenuous exercises to friends or exercising on-the-go.

  67. Total Gym Direct is the most versatile of all equipment. It maintains your focus and helps you express yourself, whether it’s during a high intensity workout or just thinking. The Total Gym can be anything that you need at any given time – whether that means showing off your strenuous exercises to friends or exercising on-the-go. Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  68. The Total Gym Direct opens up new worlds of possibilities with their cutting edge fitness equipment. You can work hard or take it easy starting with starting with an intense workout, but you do not need to be super fit to use the Total Gym. It is well balanced and comfortable for all weights allowing anybody who has dreamed of muscular arms and a lithe waistline finally achieve their goals! When you buy your Total Gym Direct today, don’t forget about its stability bar which holds up everything when in motion, meaning that no matter how much weight you’re lifting there is never any wobbling. The included instructional DVD will show just about anyone how easy it is to setup, this machine’s resistance levels match any user’s needs at home or on the go.

  69. Get your body in shape without wasting time. The Total Gym Direct is the perfect solution for busy days when you need to make it work! With more than 90 exercises and 26 workout routines, this gym is straightforward and easy-to-use – there’s no wasted time or overtraining with it. Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  70. People know that body sculpting takes time it’s as simple as that. In order to achieve a transformation, you have to work at it every day. It is possible though with the Total Gym Direct total gym machine by BodyCraft which can provide a complete workout. With this easy 3-step design means one doesn’t have to overexert themselves, and will help you reach your fitness goals in no time – meaning inches off of your waist or arms!

  71. Working on a Total Gym is like exercising for two people: one arm and the other arm. But with all those muscles at work, you don’t have to worry about any weights slipping out of your hand! When we say “Total Gym,” we mean TOTAL gYm experience – it’s that good (and that strong). Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  72. You’ll notice your arm strength really increase with the Total Gym, because it challenges you to use every muscle in the body. And trust me, this is not a problem; nobody said getting in shape was easy. So why put yourself up for all that hardship? That’s like running outside on a blistery cold day—you’re just asking to stop or give up. If that’s what you want, go ahead and do it! But if you have any love for your muscles, cut them some slack with the Total Gym so they can grow instead of shrink away from exhaustion

  73. There’s no need to worry about feeling unsafe while you try to work up a sweat on your own. The Total Gym Direct will safely challenge you in the best way possible, keeping both-arms engaged for that full body workout.

  74. Total Gyms are the safest, most effective total-body workout machine available. Give your muscles a workout without risking injuring yourself on weights and equipment that you aren’t accustomed to using! Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  75. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt when you work out. Now with the Total Gym Direct, there are even more exercises that are easier on your joints!

  76. You’ll always feel a workout, but you won’t cause any stress. With the Total Gym Direct, you get to work every muscle in your body and still have plenty of room for growth.

  77. A Total Gym workout will give you the challenge that any person needs, but does it better. It offers a weightless resistance that makes your muscles stabilize their joints as they exert power; if one arm pushes or pulls more than the other, you’re going to notice. Yet at the same time, there’s no fear of dropping weights on yourself.

  78. The Total Gym is one of the best workout machines you can find. It’s got just about every exercise, joint stabilization and muscle-building element you could want for a killer workout. You don’t have to worry about dropping any weights on yourself either! As an added bonus, it doesn’t clog up your living space with machinery; all you need is room enough to lie down in front of it. Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  79. You don’t need two arms to get a killer workout with this Total Gym. Now you won’t have to worry about the free weights toppling over and landing on your face while you’re trying to get in shape.

  80. This is one of the most challenging, yet low-impact workouts you can find! The Total Gym workout still allows you to perform weights movements and not need any specific equipment. It excels at forcing your muscles to stabilize your joints as they exert power; if one arm pushes or pulls more than the other, you’re going to notice it. And while some people may think some exercises are too easy with a Total Gym, that’s kind of what makes this machine accessible for everybody! All in all, the Total Gym @ Direct is an amazing piece of equipment that will make you stronger and encourage growth among different muscle groups.

  81. Cut to the chase and go straight for Total Gyms Direct. Made by Nautilus, this baby has been around since 1962. But don’t worry! It can be installed in your home quickly and without any fuss or bother (or noise!). Whether you’re looking for a good way to build muscle conditioning or just want to enjoy scenic views while getting exercise, we’ve got what you need with the Total Gym FIT direct from us here at Total Gyms Direct. Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  82. The Total Gym is the ultimate in versatile, fun fitness. Add some new workouts to your routine with this revolutionary equipment! From strength training to cardio class, you’ll be looking great and feeling even better on the Total Gym FIT today. You don’t need weights or machines– just a few kicks on the Glideboard for an instant workout fix. And never worry about fitting through narrow doorways again! With foldable thighs that swing out of the way when not in use, packing up your gymnasium-in-a-box will be quick work. You can bring everything right along with you–even these 3 Exercises under 20 Seconds! Take advantage of today’s special price for total peace of mind while it lasts

  83. The newest model of the Total Gym is a great affordable option for home or public use. Designed with modern, satisfying features that include rolling castor wheels and weight resistance cords. It’s even more versatile than before with its exclusive Glide Board system- perfect for pilates, yoga, mat work and functional training basics. The knowledgeable Total Gym team will help set up and show you how to get started on your FIT today!

  84. Get ready to feel the burn, but in a good way. The Total Gym FIT will give you a strong and healthy body in no time at all with total resistance training exercises for both upper and lower body. In spite of being really fun to use without looking like your average gym equipment, it also provides about 85 different workouts.

  85. The Total Gym FIT works on the four motions, so you get a full-body workout with one machine. The more than 85 different exercises give you an edge over other cardio equipment for weight loss and fat burning. Plus, it’s portable! You can go anywhere to get your workout in without any extra equipment. It weights only 45 pounds and assembles in five minutes or less. With just bodyweight resistance, this is one of the best workouts out there today! People all around town are getting fit with TG Fit machines because they’re fun, affordable, easy to use—and they provide excellent results when used properly by people who follow moderate to aggressive programs three times per week for 30 – 40 minutes at a time. Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  86. “The Total Gym FIT—is no exception. It is effective and fun to use” the Glideboard offers workouts for fitness pros as well as those who prefer low impact exercise, now 85 routines are available so there’s enough variety to keep even the most dedicated at peak performance. If you’re looking for a total-body workout that strengthens muscles while increasing flexibility without any pressure on your joints, give this gym a try!

  87. The Total Gym FIT is the most effective and fun solution to get in shape. With over 85 workouts included, it can be used for low-impact cardio exercises as well. This home gym enables everyone of any level to achieve their fitness goals with the help of an instructor or on their own today!

  88. If you want a good workout but don’t want to deal with the crowds or heavy weight, Total Gym Direct is your solution. The surfaces are flexible and there’s no need for weights because it’s all right here.
    How would (wouldn’t) this product make your life better? You’ve wanted to get into shape for years now without success – finally that can change! This total gym is inexpensive and offers many exercises you can do anywhere. It’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone: staying fit and saving time and money (versus going out). Thanks for providing Total Gym Direct Review

  89. The Total Gym FIT is a multipurpose total body gym backed by the well-known brand. This machine doesn’t just work on your muscles, it leaves you with an excellent cardiovascular workout as well. You’ll find 85 reps in the training manual so if weight loss is among your fitness goals, this will help you trim down and tone up!

  90. Focusing on strength training is just one of the many advantages to using Total Gyms. Sitting in an office chair doesn’t lead to fitness, but you’ll receive all the benefits of low-impact cross training exercises with our Glideboard accessories. Check out middle options X Balance Board or Torso Track for greater range of motion!

  91. Push yourself to your limit with Total Gym Direct. Hundreds of hardcore gyms choose the Total Gym because all you need is 75 square feet to get an intense, full-body workout without weights or machines. The idea is so brilliant that people stop paying for gym memberships and purchase one instead. Push yourself to your limit with Total Gym Direct. Research shows that by using a total body workout strategy, not only did study participants see significant results in muscle growth after just four weeks but they also increased their percentage of fat loss by two percent – which means it’s easier than ever to reach your weight goals!

  92. A Total Gym workout is enough to challenge almost anybody, but it really excels at forcing your muscles to stabilize your joints as they exert power; if one arm pushes or pulls more than the other, you’re going to notice it. Yet at the same time, you don’t have to worry about dropping any weights on yourself. You can work out anytime and anywhere with a Total Gym! Just imagine how much healthier and happier you’ll feel when you’ve shed pounds without getting off the couch.

  93. Your abs will feel it long after your workout. If you’re looking for a way to change up an exercise routine with moves that can really challenge you, it doesn’t get much more intense than a Total Gym workout. Dayia’s henna body art kits let any color-loving adult or child decorate their own skin as they please, so now every day is a festival of creativity and individuality. No need to wait ‘til Mardi Gras…or Monday morning! And now, this artist’s favorite medium is available in new lineups too—think fireworks show colors on preprinted templates that allow crafters to bang, Thanks for providing total gym direct review

  94. The Total Gym Direct is the fitness world’s best-kept exercise secret. A multipurpose machine, your body slaloms through a wide range of strength and cardio exercises from as easy as a jog to a killer workout equal to everyday activities like carrying groceries or balancing with one leg on a balcony rail. Total Gym Direct trainers enjoy this for its versatility – no more excuses that you’re too tired to work out today – and they love going into new territory with their clients because there are always new workouts waiting at home. With weights ranging from 2 pounds to 410 pounds, you can meet all your weightlifting needs right here in our store! We’ve got everything from dumbbells for your upper body care package to Olympic

  95. The Total Gym is your direct ticket to your fitness dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that personal “all-time high” or just want to keep up with the Joneses, this equipment will help you get ahead on reaching both goals. Just say goodbye to those days spent on the couch; this Total Gym exercise system will make sure your home workout has cardiovascular benefits and serious strength training capabilities all in one!

  96. A Total Gym workout is entirely unlike anything you’ll find at a traditional gym and the name “total” doesn’t just refer to your exercise routine. The Direct Action work surface ensures that as soon as you put your weight on one arm, it feels like 100 pounds through the other. Thanks for providing total gym direct review

  97. The Total Gym is your perfect workout partner. This sturdy machine is made without any cords, cables, or pulleys to create the same tension you would get with free weights. You can comfortably work out on three levels of difficulty and hundreds of exercises, helping you avoid feeling like it’s too easy or too hard – no matter who you are! Get one for yourself today at this competitive price – before they’re gone!

  98. Think about it. You can get more of a workout with less stress on your joints, but still get the benefit of lifting weights. Let’s be honest, that is not what you need when you are already stressed out from work or school! With Total Gym Direct, all you have to worry about is how heavy the weight is and where to put it so your arm won’t get tired before your back muscles do for some variety between sets. Plus, it’s half the price of most gyms with no hidden fees like sick days or cancellation baggage time limit nonsense; there are practically no excuses not to take that ten minutes in-between studies or shifts at work for a quick Total Gym workout.

  99. This amazing piece of workout equipment is less about lifting weights and more about getting your muscles to feel the way they’re supposed to, with every stabilizing muscle in perfect balance. Plus, it’s so much easier on you than doing a bench press! Thanks for providing total gym direct review

  100. Don’t be fooled, Total Gyms are not just for the elderly anymore. They’re popping up all over gyms across the country, and it’s easy to understand why. You get a full-body workout by simply working out on this elasticized resistance machine with no barbells or weights required. But what really makes these so empowering is being able to control the amount of work you do from one side to another in different muscle groups simultaneously. The entire experience is also structured around protecting your joints so that there’s minimal pressure to them even when lifting heavy weights, making weightlifting much easier for anyone who has injuries they want to protect their body from re-injuring.